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Herbicide resistance was first documented in the 1970s, although instances of resistance occurred much earlier. There are currently 218 plant species resistant to herbicides globally and that number is likely higher as reporting of resistance can be uneven and dependent on active weed science research programs focusing on resistance. Herbicide resistance is first an evolutionary process, and selection for herbicide resistance is dependent on a host of factors involving the genetic basis of the resistance, the biology of the weed species, the attributes of the herbicide, and how it is used.

Starting from January 2024, Agrigeos S.R.L. has started to develop screening bioassay on herbicide.
We were involved on the evaluation of Resistance of Annual ryegrass (Lolium spp.) to ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides.

We finally obtained first results: the tested strain of Ryegrass showed susceptibility to ACCasi-Inhibiting Herbicides as expected but marked and high resistance to ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides.

Stay tuned for the next test to be performed at our Facility.
If you are interested in receiving more details about our screening services on herbicides (in vivo testresistance test, etc.), do not hesitate to contact us at: or