ABIM 2023

The #AGRIGEOS team will be attending #ABIM – Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting 2023 in #Basel from 23 to 25th October.Please contact us to arrange a F2F #meeting to discuss specific #testing #screening #trials challenges for your biological crop protection products.Looking forward meeting you next week at #ABIM!

Mandorlo e Nocciolo

Almond and Hazelnut #AGRIGEOS is available to carry out #GLP trials on #Almond and #Hazelnut crop to determine the #residue levels on #nutmeat #hull and #shell. Hurry up and reserve your field for this growing season. For more information, do not hesitate to contact: serra@agrigeos.com and caruso@agrigeos.com

Septoria tritici

Septoria tritici Septoria tritici blotch is one of the major diseases of wheat worldwide. When severe infections occur, it can cause losses of up to 60% of total yield.Starting from January 2023, Agrigeos provides screening bioassay on wheat, thanks to our phytopathological laboratory collection that enables us to perform artificial inoculum with successful results.If you […]

Nematode trials

Nematode trials Due our experience in nematode trials, we have conducted successfully trials on table grape nematodes in pots under protected conditions. If you are interested to receive more information or scheduling a trial, please contact us by writing to: occhipinti@agrigeos.com or diprimo@agrigeos.com

Two new targets!

Two new targets! In our internal entomology laboratory, two new targets are available for screening trials: Southern Green Stink Bug (Nezara viridula) and Green Peach Aphid (Myzus persicae). If you are interested to receive more details about our screening services on insecticides (knock-down, persistence, soil application, rain fastness etc.) on these and all the other […]

Biostimulant trials

At Agrigeos we are performing biostimulant trials on vegetables under salinity stress conditions.Thanks to Plantarray platform we can control abiotic stress induction in a very precise way. Get in touch with Pietro Di Primo diprimo@agrigeos.com or Marco Acciai acciai@agrigeos.com to learn more and to discuss your project details.

IV ed. Biostimolanti Conference

In questi giorni Agrigeos sta partecipando alla IV ed. del Biostimolanti Conference che si tiene a Catania. Agrigeos investe moltissimo nella formazione del suo team di esperti e da anni ha dedicato un intero settore di Ricerca e Sviluppo a questa fondamentale branca. Per maggiori info sul nostro settore Biostimolanti contattaci scrivendo a acciai@agrigeos.com o […]

Winter School Biostimolanti FISSSA

Si è conclusa con successo la 1a edizione della Winter School Biostimolanti FISSSA tenutasi nella bellissima cornice di Villa Angaran San Giuseppe a Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza). Attraverso l’incontro del mondo accademico, dei centri di saggio e dei produttori Assofertilizzanti, la due giorni ha permesso un approfondimento sulla sperimentazione dei biostimolanti alla luce del nuovo regolamento EU 2019/1009 e delle linee guida del CEN/TC 455. Il Team Agrigeos ha partecipato attivamente […]

Taint Triangle Test

Ad Agrigeos abbiamo sviluppato la possibilità di effettuare Taint Test su diversi crop, sia per il consumo fresco che trasformato.Nell’ultimo anno abbiamo, ad esempio, condotto prove su: fragole e confettura; pomodoro fresco e processato; arancia e succo; cetriolo; vino; ecc… Per qualsiasi informazione contatta diprimo@agrigeos.com o pappalardo@agrigeos.com —————————————————————- At Agrigeos we are available to perform Taint Tests on different crop, both fresh and processed.In the past year we have, for example, conducted tests on: strawberries and jam; fresh and processed tomato; orange and juice; cucumber; wine; etc. For any […]